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Shelter Dog Kept Reaching Her Paw Out For Attention Until She Found The Best Mom

Looking for attention and love Leila kept reaching her paw out to everyone that approached her kennel. Leila, a six-year-old dog was left in a shelter in Miami by her family. She became popular on the internet and many of us saw her video in the shelter with her paw out. When Katy Hinkley Cassells saw her, she immediately started to arrange for her adoption through the Helping Paws 22 rescue group in Florida. Leila found her forever home and now lives in Wellington, Florida with the Cassells. Leila was a very sweet dog even when she was not feeling well. Her skin is covered with sores and old scars. Her eyes need surgery, her new veterinarian mentioned. Once the surgery is done, she will be able to see better.

Cassells explains that she likes to take the dogs that are sick. “She is not the first who’s been abused and had a tough life”, she added. The veterinarian believes that Leila’s scars and wounds may have been caused by fire. She is getting medical attention. As part of Leila’s care, she is taking antibiotics and medicated baths. She will hopefully feel better soon.


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