Selfish neighbor demands man keep his dogs inside so her kids can play in his yard

At least one in a few people has had to deal with troublesome, entitled neighbors.

They can range from the type that blasts music when you’re trying to sleep, to the ones that make demands about what you do with your house.

It escapes me why these people are so lacking in empathy. It probably escapes said people too, which is how we get into situations like this.

This story from Reddit user FaultFabulous describes his real-life interaction with an incredibly entitled neighbor.

Faultfabulous (whose username is a bit of a mouthful, so we’ll just call him “OP”) works as a dermatologist and has two dogs as his companions. We all know that people in the medical field have pretty generous salaries, and OP was no exception. He had enough to purchase and move into a new home.

With the two pooches under his care, he chose a home with a sizable lawn. It was located in the town within a larger city, and the town itself was quiet enough. Any responsible dog owner knows that dogs can’t be cooped up indoors all the time, so a generously sized lawn is a requirement for someone with 2 dogs.

Well, someone else had their eyes on his lawn.

A woman came knocking on OP’s door, introducing herself as part of the neighbor’s association. The conversation started off nicely, but that quickly faded away. As he wrote in his own words :

“But afterwards she said and I quote “So, I know your new, but we would like to ask you to keep your dogs inside your house when you’re out. The kids like to play on the houses lawns and they are afraid of your dogs. So, you need to put them inside when you’re not at home.”

OP was clearly taken aback by this statement. No doubt, it reeked of audacity and sheer entitlement.

You’d need to be some special kind of entitled to make demands like this, which prompted OP to give them the following as an answer.

“No, the lawn is for the dogs. Your kids have no business going to my property, nor do you have any ground to make that demand.”

A pretty justified answer, if you ask me. Too bad I can’t say the same for the woman, who was fuming and furious at this refusal. As I said, this is a special kind of entitled.

Refusing to take no for an answer, as selfish people do, she did what any entitled person would do. She took it too far.

Miss “Please let the strangers’ kids on your lawn”, went around on a defamation campaign against OP. He didn’t go into detail over exactly what she told people, but he did describe the aftermath.

“She left fuming and apparently, throughout the weekend started to spread rumors about me to the neighbors. People who would smile at me or say “good morning” no longer even look at my face.”

Talk about a toxic person! And they barely know each other too.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any more information from OP since this post. No follow-up or update at all, though I hope they settled it somehow.

Taking it to these lengths was crossing a line, something unsurprising for entitled folks to do. Here’s hoping none of us run into a neighbor like this.

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