Robert Irwin Finds Himself A Perfect Selfie Buddy While Self-Isolating At Australia Zoo

It has been such a tough time for the whole world and everybody knows that right now, self-isolating is absolutely one of the best methods to protect ourselves from the global pandemic out there. However, staying alone is definitely not easy. We all need a special someone to keep each other company in this harsh period. In most cases, it should be our family members with whom we share a home. But for the Irwin family who decides to isolate themselves in a zoo, their quarantine life is surely something truly exceptional.


Since the famous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passed away in 2006, his wife Terry and their two kids Bindi and Robert have stepped up and helped him look after his legacy – the 700-acre Australia Zoo located in the state of Queensland. With a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles at the zoo, it’s safe to say their life would never be boring.

Recently, Steve’s son Robert Irwin has proved that fact by posting an adorable photo of himself and an Aldabra tortoise he called his “isolation buddy” on Twitter, and it has captured the hearts of many animal lovers all over the world!

The charming tortoise in that lovely selfie is Igloo, a friend of the family. In fact, Robert isn’t the only one who likes to hang out with this endearing reptile, his brother-in-law Chandler (Bindi’s new husband) is obviously fond of him too!

According to Igloo’s introduction on the zoo’s website, this is utterly a very sweet creature. He loves cuddles and scratches, and he loves spending his days cooling off in his pond and eating delicious grass and vegetables as well! And above all, he is there because he is an ambassador for his wild cousins, who are facing countless threats due to illegal hunting.

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