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Rescue Kitten Chose His Forever Human After She Gave Him His First Hug

Zara Hamade found a litter of kittens and their cat momma in a junk yard, on a very hot July day in Detroit. “I heard squeaking and baby meowing. They were just born that day so they were extremely tiny!” she shared.

After finding them, she couldn’t bring herself to leaving them there, so she brought all the kittens and their cat momma home, where she provided food, comfort and care as they got old enough to be adopted but after cuddling and hugging all the kittens, one of them completely fell in love with Zara and wouldn’t let go of her. Zara decided to name the kitten Tiggie and provided a forever home for the fur ball.

Tiggie changed my life by showing me what a little care and love can do, what kind of difference love can make. Its a feeling of joy and he loves you back and kisses you in appreciation and that means more to me than anything else.”


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