Rescue Kangaroo Who Thinks He’s A Dog Demands Couch Cuddles With Father Daily

When most people think of rescue pets, a dog or cat will usually come to mind. However, for one special family, their rescue animal is a fully-grown kangaroo. Kym Haywood, 51, runs Pumpkin’s Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia. The Haywood family has 28 kangaroos and two wombats that live on their property. Only one lucky kangaroo gets to go inside the house, though, and that is Rufus.

Rufus was adopted by the Haywood family when he was eight months old. He has gotten so comfortable with the family that he will wait at the back door every evening to be let into the house. His favorite activity is sitting on the couch and getting cuddles from his adoring mom and dad. Now at almost four years old, he still insists on hopping up on his favorite spot. He will even push Kym and her husband Neil, 53, away if they try to make him move.

A hilarious video shows the large kangaroo stretching out his entire body across three seats on the sofa. Rufus put his feet up in the air while getting pets and tummy rubs from Neil. Kym also said that Rufus likes to lay in his spot while she brushes his fur. He looked so relaxed he could be asleep and often will nap in his favorite spot when he gets the chance.

The family spends time together with Rufus every evening, and when it is time for bed, he goes back outside to sleep with the other kangaroos. Rufus was raised by the Haywood family because, in Southern Australia, it is illegal to release orphaned joeys back into the wild. Fortunately, Rufus’s adopted family loves living with him. Read on to learn more about this special kangaroo.

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At first, when Rufus would jump up on the couch, the Haywoods would try to make him share the space. “We don’t have to fight Rufus for space anymore – we just keep moving over as he grows. That spot on the couch is all his. If anyone comes over we tell them they can’t sit there because that’s Rufus’ seat, that space is reserved for him,” Kym explained.

She added:

“When he started doing it we thought it was the cutest thing ever and we could see that Rufus was very different from the others and how much he loved the couch and how safe he felt there. He goes into the deepest sleep as he knows he is very safe there and doesn’t mind watching a bit of TV.”

The family could tell how much the kangaroo enjoyed being on the couch, so they made it work. “We didn’t get him off as he loved it but just covered the couch with mattress protectors for any accidents. We really just go along with what makes him happy,” said Kym.

Although, there are times when Rufus isn’t so friendly. Kym shared, “He does get a bit cranky, if he doesn’t want to be bothered by us sitting next to him, he will just gently push us off.”

The Haywood family has dedicated their home and lives to caring for these animals in need. Kym said:

“I’ve always been an animal lover and now with having the sanctuary I know what I was put on this earth to do.”


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