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Real heroes have found a cage stuffed with hundreds of live birds

Pure birds living in harsh conditions

The rescuers have found a cage with over 500 little living birds in the market in Asia, where they were sold as pets.

Also on Sunday almost 550 Indian birds were rescued in West Bengal after being imprisoned in small metal cages.

There were birds like parakeet, Asian koel and hill myna, that were forced to live in such claustrophobic conditions. These species can survive in the cages, but they prosper in the wild.

All of the birds in the cage were taken to professional vets, where they would be brought back to life. Sadly, some recently hatched birds were also found there and they couldn’t survive in this horrible conditions.

Best Bengal has recently became popular with wildlife traffickers, that were looking for live animals to catch and sale. Happily, some of them were imprisoned thank to the government efforts.

And although all these bad things happened to them, these imprisoned birds will be freed.