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Race Car Jumps Right Over Dog

Have you ever experienced a time when you’ve really thanked the stars for saving your life? A time when you thought that you could’ve been harmed really badly, but some sort of perfect timing saved you from something terrible? I know I have! And we’re sure if we talked to this little pup right after what we saw in the video below, he’d say the same!

It’s needless to say that dogs are adventurous. Not just dogs, any animal and pet is always on the hunt to do something different—and the dog in this video is no different. He decided to wonder off onto a trail for rally cars and take “the road less traveled”.

In this video you see the little dog casually strolling down the dirt road that has been reserved for a car race. In the background, you can see a group of people anticipating the cars as the speed down their designated route—but little do they know that the dog is also a part of the race.

As one of the race cars comes zipping around the bend, the dog is still strolling down the hilly terrain with no idea of what’s coming behind him. But it gets a bit worrisome as the car approaches and the puppy is still on the track.

Luckily the race car driver jumps over the dog (with his rally car) and lands just in front of him—the dog, ladies and gentlemen, is unharmed, phew!

Click on the link below to watch how this dog just became the luckiest dog in this world, and how timing was on his side! Share the video with family and friends, and help spread awareness of how important is it to keep our canines safe and out of harm’s way!