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Pregnant Opossum Unstoppably Clings To The People Who Saved Her Babies

Judy Obregon saw a dead-looking opossum while driving to her mother-in-law. So, she stopped her car to see if the cute creature was still alive. When she took a closer look, she found that the pregnant opossum was alive but being shot with a BB gun.

She said that she knew that she had to do something, so, she took took the cute animal to the house of her mother-in-law and waited for a wildlife rehabilitator called Tabatha. The founder of animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas, Judy, also added that the opossum knew she wanted to help her, never seen any aggression, and even clung for safety to Tabatha’s husband.

Judy also said that she usually rescues cats and dogs, but she would not have avoided the opossum, that was named Angel, for a reason like that.


Angel will be released on a 60-acre property, hunting is prohibited, when she is completely healed again. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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