Pool Guy ‘Squirrel Hero’ Saves Drowning Squirrel’s Life With CPR

If you saw a drowning squirrel in a swimming pool, what would you do? Would you attempt CPR? Watch what this guy does to this lifeless squirrel.

Rick Gruber, a pool guy in Arizona, was working when he found a squirrel that was drowning. He had stopped breathing at this point. He pulled him out of the water and started squeezing him attempting CPR.

Unfortunately his attempt at CPR was not working. The squirrel was not responding.

He continued to do CPR hoping a miracle would happen.

And eventually he started showing signs of life again.

He opened his eyes and coughed up some fluid.

“I would do [CPR] for anybody. A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything,” said the pool guy.

And their goes the little guy enjoying his new life.

You can also watch the entire ordeal below. It’s pretty amazing.

Do you think you would do the same thing?

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