Pianist Plays Healing Music For Blind Rescue Elephants

Animals continue to surprise us with their mental capacity for certain things that we thought only applied to humans.

This is the incredible moment when a blind elephant enjoys a little dance to some live classical music.

One day, British musical Paul Barton took his piano to an elephant sanctuary and began playing classical music to one of the blind elephants.

The elephant named Lam Duan took everyone by surprise with her response, she began to sway and step from side to side as if dancing to the live music.

Lam Duan is 62 years old and has been blind for almost all of her life, she spends her days at the ElephantsWorld animal Sanctuary in Thailand.

Even though she can’t see, she still enjoys the music and reacts to it, as if she can see it.

Lam Duan isn’t the only elephant to enjoy Barton’s live performances, there was actually a lot of them that enjoy the soothing piano music.

According to Barton, most elephants react to music, whether that’s by coming closer to the piano, to suddenly starting to move around.

Some stroke the piano with their trunks, others stray side to side, but all become curious when they hear the sweet sound of the piano.

Here’s a video of Lam Duan swaying to the sound of the piano music:

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