People rescued an elephant from a mud trap: the animal’s life was at stake

This story began unexpectedly: an ordinary Kenyan shepherd noticed a suspicious pile of dirt that had been there only a day ago.

Interested, he approached and was amazed at what he saw. An elephant, weakened and trapped deep in a puddle, turned out to be a mud pile.

The animal was completely weakened and dehydrated: An adult animal needs about 200 kilograms of green every day to stay healthy. And the lack of water clearly did not improve the condition of the elephant stuck in the mud: On a sunny day, he had to drink 100 to 300 liters.

The herder decided to at least try to help the animal. He called a rescue team to the site, and then the men began to think about how to pull out the African giant. The elephant was restless; it was simply dangerous to get too close to it.

But the men decided to take a risk. For seven hours they dug the animal out of a huge mud puddle, and after they had already calmed down, they washed it from the dirt and washed it with water from the jerry cans.

A little recovered from the shock, d got up and slowly walked away from the people. We can only hope that the animal is doing well.

Statistics show that elephants very often fall into such traps. Because of the urgent need for water, they take risks and get stuck. And, unfortunately, not every animal comes across a compassionate herder.

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