Pauline Potter, My 600lb Life Star’s Weight Loss Transformation

Pauline Potter, once dependent on a motorized scooter due to a weight of over 50 stones (700lb), has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding over half of her body weight.

Challenging herself to reach 50 stone after her husband expressed attraction to larger women, the My 600lb Life star found disbelief in entering the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Heaviest Living Woman.

“I thought if I contacted them and put myself out there, someone might be able to help me. When they got back to me to say ­I’d been recognized as the world’s fattest woman I was shocked,” expressed Pauline Potter, the TLC reality star, upon breaking the record in 2012.

While once obsessed with her large size, Pauline Potter admitted, “I used to love being big, but it went too far. It’s too difficult for me to even get up now. Someone has to pull my head while I rock myself into a standing position,” she revealed before her weight loss journey began.

With a walk-in bath and the need for assistance in various tasks, Pauline Potter shared, “I have a walk-in bath and I sit on a stool with a flexible shower head on a lead. There’s a lot of work ­involved. With lots of rolls of flesh, you can get infection in the folds. To prevent this, I wash every day, dry myself thoroughly, and then rub corn starch into the folds around my stomach and behind my knees. My son has to help me when there are areas I can’t reach.”

Pauline Potter first connected with her husband, Alex, online in 2002 when she weighed 43 stone. She continued gaining weight as he appreciated her appearance. They tied the knot in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day 2003, but eventually parted ways, leaving Pauline’s son Dillon to become her caregiver.

Despite the challenges, Pauline took a positive turn in her life after featuring on My 600lb Life and participating in a rigorous weight-loss program. Guided by Dr. Nowzaradan on the show, she underwent a transformative journey, shedding more than 35 stone (500lb). Dr. Nowzaradan has shared her remarkable progress on Instagram.

Captioning the post, Dr. Now expressed: “I am very proud of the commitment and progress Pauline has made. When a patient wants to work with me to loose over 500 pounds, the first step is understanding their belief in the “power of commitment” to achieve their weight loss goals. Weight loss surgery should not be viewed as a quick fix. It is a tool to help support you in your weight loss journey.” He emphasized that inspiring results emerge when individuals commit to life changes and continue to invest in themselves.

Fans celebrated Pauline’s achievements, with one expressing admiration, saying, “Pauline is literally one of my faves and just got done watching her, again. I am so glad for this post! Pauline you go girl!” Another enthusiast shared, “Wow!!! I’m so proud and happy for her. She came a long way.”

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