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Passerby takes over street performer’s mic then crowd realizes it’s Rod Stewart

Not everyone takes the time to listen to street performers – whether it’s because they’re too busy or simply don’t have any interest. However, you never know when you’re going to miss a memorable show!

You can find talented street performers in cities around the world. Besides earning money, there’s also the excitement of possibly being discovered. If you’re a passerby, there’s the excitement that you might be the one to find the next big thing.

That’s what makes Piccadilly Circus such an exciting place.

The area has long been known as a tourist destination and is home to many street musicians.
Though many of these street performers are trying to make a name for themselves, the area also has many celebrity sightings.

But one day those two worlds collided.

It started as a normal street corner performance for Henry Facey, a native singer-songwriter who was performing that day. Facey was in the middle of performing Rod Stewart’s “Handbags and Gladrags” when something incredible happened.

Just at that moment, Stewart walked by the musician playing his song.

Rather than let the opportunity go to waste, Stewart asked Facey if he could join in.
What resulted was an incredible performance for anyone who was walking through the square that day. As it turns out, Stewart started his own musical career as a “busker” or a street performer where he would play guitar.

Of course, Stewart later went on to perform with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces, and then later onto his own successful solo career though.

That day, however, Stewart took things back to his roots—and the crowd was very grateful for it.

After the song ended, Stewart gave some parting words to the applauding crowd.
Above all, it’s moments like these that remind us the magic of music and art. Although it can be difficult to get established, there are always magical moments like these that make the entire journey worth it.

In addition to giving Facey’s performance a boost, Stewart gave onlookers a special memory to take with them while paying homage to his roots.


A video of this impromptu performance has racked up over 4.8 million views! People have left tons of comments in return.

“This is magical ?‍♀️ Talent on both sides a legend with a new up and comer . Made me cry a bit but that song always does.”

Another person wrote:

“Many other stars would have walked on by. Well done Rod, for joining in and entertaining the unsuspecting crowd – just for the fun of doing it!”

Someone else said:

“Wouldn’t that be a thrill coming across Rod singing on the street. Wow he looks and sounds amazing x”

It would have been a dream come true to witness this performance in person. Who knows though – perhaps you’ll run into a legendary musician on the street too?

Press play below to enjoy Stewart and Facey’s impromptu duet!