Parrot Sneakily Escapes His Cage – Watch What Happens When He Finds Freedom In Next Room

Haven’t we all wanted to escape a situation at one point or another? I have. Like the time my colleague cornered me in the lunchroom to tell me about the newest addition to his collection of mugs, or when I ended up at a less than exciting, never-ending 7-course dinner party with a table full of strangers. Yep, kind of makes anyone want to hit the escape button! And, since those don’t exist, you just have to excuse yourself, make a run for it or pull a “Houdini Exit” (where you just leave without saying anything to anyone. Now you see me, now you don’t!) or, whichever option best suits your style.

Whatever method you choose, eventually, you dash out and make your escape. You know that feeling you get after getting safely to the other side, away from the noise and towards the sight of freedom? In situations like these, I’ve found myself laughing out loud like a maniac because I am so relieved, much like this wacky little bird!

This small, funny green bird with a yellow coif has just managed to leave an undesirable situation himself! Bored of his cage and the four walls he sees every day, Mr. Parrot was able to leave it all behind and find happiness in the room next to his! The video opens to the sly bird sticking his head through the door and slowly work his way in. He uses his beak to pull in the rest of his body and squeeze his wider frame through the narrow gap. He struggles, if only for a second before he’s through, and this is where it starts to get funny.

The bird stumbles into the room–laughing. Yes, he’s actually “hehehehehehe-ing” all the way to town, laughing like a villain from a movie. It’s a moment we can all relate to. That little space in time where you’re escaping something or someone, and you find a quiet room or place that becomes your refuge. You made it out unscathed and it suddenly becomes laughable! You suddenly wonder, “How did I get away with that?” or, “Ha, they’ll never find me here!”

You revel in your newly discovered safe space. Just like this bird! How he did this, we’ll never know, but his cackling is so funny, it makes his owner laugh in the video and everyone else who watches this short but sweet clip. The best part? Right before the video cuts out, he lets out a little purr! Too funny!

Click the video below to watch Mr. Parrot’s outburst make everyone laugh along with him.

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