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Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King Say Their 46-Year Friendship Began With A Snowstorm

We’d all be lucky to have a friendship that’s stood the test of time quite like the one shared between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.

Both media mavens, now in their late 60s, say the decades-spanning bond began when both ladies were in their early 20s and was sparked by a chance encounter following a heavy thunderstorm.



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The trip down memory lane happened as a result of a recent interview for the 2022 “Beautiful Issue” of People Magazine. Gayle and Oprah sat side by side as they discussed their 46-year friendship on various levels, which they credit to unwavering support and “having somebody who not only stands in the gap for you, but is happy for your happiness.” As the story goes, then-22-year-old Oprah was a news anchor at Baltimore’s WJZ-TV when she offered then-21-year-old production assistant/writer Gayle a place to crash for the night due to a severe storm. “We ended up talking all night long,” Winfrey says to People, even giving King a toothbrush and dress for work the following day. Gayle remembers the garment as “purple with a scoop neck and bell sleeves,” and Oprah went on to add, “we’ve literally been friends ever since.”

Over the years we’ve seen them embark on countless journeys as the best of buds both personally and professionally, their most recent partnership being The OG Chronicles — nice play on “OG,” by the way! — which took us on a fun-filled “Joy Ride” through the lens of a documented road trip streaming on OprahDaily.com.



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Watch Oprah and Gayle’s full interview with People Magazine for “The Beautiful Issue” below to dive deeper into their lifelong relationship as chosen family: