Only Five Still Alive In The World, Rare White Killer Whale Seen Near Alaska.

Have you ever seen a white killer whale? That what happened in the southeast coast of Alaska, as a white whale was spotted there. The whale was spotted by Stephanie Hayes, marine biology grad student, and his crew of researchers while looking for humpback whales.

They were completely shocked when they saw the white killer! They have named the whale, who is about 2 years old, after a Coast Salish Halq’eméylem word for moon, Tl’uk. Hayes said that what they saw was 1 of 10 to been seen ever! Thankfully, orca, the whale, does have albinism, genetic disorder that affects the amount of pigment in white animals’ skin.

But white orcas also have a disorder called leucism, that causes white, patchy or pale coloration of scales, feather, hair, and skin, without affecting the eyes. How adorable!

Watch the video below.

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