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Oldest Dog At Shelter Is Very Surprised To Get An Amazing 23rd Birthday Party

Meet Bully, a 23-year-old Chihuahua who has already lived through more historical events than most dogs on the planet.

When he turned 23, his humans wanted to celebrate the milestone by giving him an unforgettable party.



Bully now lives at a senior dog rescue called the Mr. Mo Project which is run by Chris Hughes and his partner.

Bully arrived here after 21 happy years with a loving family that came to an end when his elderly human could no longer take care of him.




“Bully is feisty, naughty, sweet, independent, gentle, calm and he has an old man bark,” Hughes told The Dodo. “Even at his age, he likes to try to push around another one of our Chihuahuas.”



“Bully loves to sleep and he has earned that right. He will fall asleep absolutely anywhere, sometimes on the middle of the floor in the kitchen, on a potty pad, or on the biggest, most comfortable bed in the corner.”

The Hughes family decorated their home for the little pup and gifted him with his two favorite things in the world, treats and a nap!




“He doesn’t have too many teeth, so we got a soft biscuit and crumbled it up for him to enjoy. He really enjoys sleeping, so that’s the best gift to give him.”

“We try to celebrate all the great things that happen in our home because so often there are not-so-great things that happen.”



“We celebrate when dogs finish chemo treatments, birthdays, adoptions and have been known to have Christmas in July if we think someone won’t make it until Christmas.”