Newlywed Florida deputies halt their wedding photoshoot to help a man who got hit by a car

A bride and groom who worked with the law enforcement were in the right place at the right time. Detention Deputy Taylor Rafferty and her husband Deputy Chris Rafferty are law enforcement officers with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Florida. The sheriff is commending them for acting quickly by halting their photoshoot after their wedding ceremony to save a man who was hit by a car, reported Fox 10. They were able to avert a much bigger disaster by providing the man the aid he needed. The wedding party was also praised for their immediate action.

The bride’s photo, directing traffic in her wedding gown, has now gone viral. The image was shared by the sheriff’s office on their Facebook page. “When you choose a career in law enforcement, you choose to never truly be off duty because anything can happen at any moment,” a post accompanying the picture read. “Unfortunately, danger and tragedy don’t take breaks, so even on your days off a law enforcement officer’s duty is to protect and serve. For several members of our team here at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (and one Officer from Ocala Police Department) this duty to act was required at a wedding!”


The incident took place in December last year. The Rafferty’s expected a typical wedding day and they were doing normal wedding things. They were in the midst of taking a photo with the wedding party when a man was struck by a car on the square in Downtown Ocala. The entire wedding party, fully dressed in wedding attire, immediately ran to his help. They were all law enforcement officers as well and luckily knew what to do. Deputy Samantha Horne, held the man’s head to prevent further damage. Taylor Rafferty went into the street, still wearing her wedding dress to direct the traffic. The others in the group made sure no one else was hurt.


Luckily, the man was not severely injured. He was transported by medics to the hospital and the wedding events proceeded as planned. The Facebook post continued, “Our greatest admiration goes out to the Raffertys and every member of their wedding party, who without a second thought took action to assist everyone involved in this incident. Thank you for dedicated service to our community in every way you know how!” The efforts of the deputies were much appreciated by social media users as well.

Facebook user Bob Struyk wrote: God bless you’ll. You’ll are truly dedicated to the citizens of Ocala and Marion County. Thank you and I hope you’ll have a blessed and safe Honeymoon. Another user, Christine McConnell said, Brings a new meaning to a memorable wedding day. Thank you to all of you for doing this. Amazing. May you have many years of bliss n congrats as well. You already started with a true show of teamworkScott Welch commented, Thank you, much respect. I myself and the public as a whole neglect to remember you have personal sides of your lives but drop that in a fraction of a second to serve. Blessed be your union, enjoy each other.


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