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Newborn Twins Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born, Refuse To Stop Cuddling Like They Did In The Womb – Video

Having a twin may be a great experience, having somebody who is constantly present for you from the beginning of your existence, forming a lifelong link. One stunning video demonstrates how strong that link is, well before birth: two infant twin boys kept hugging each other as they did in the womb.

The kids, who are less than two months old, are bathed and continue to grasp one another, putting their small arms and legs around together, in a video that has nearly 50 million views on YouTube. Hundreds and thousands of people have commented on youtube. “What a lovely image!” said one person. ‘I really can’t take my eyes away from this photo of two newborns, remarked another person.


Sonia Rochel, a maternity doctor and grandma from Paris, France, developed a unique baby bath for the twins. Because it is aimed to mimic the sense of being in the womb the method is intended for newborns less than two months old.

This could explain why the babies are so affectionate with each other; they want to be as close as they were before they came to this planet.