Newbоrn Kittеns Fоund Fighting Fоr Lifе In A Dumрster

Stoyan and Dessy are a couple that live in Bulgaria. They spend a lot of time looking out for the stray cats in their neighborhood and hope to one day build a shelter so that they can step up their care program.

Everything they provide for the cats comes from their own pockets or with the help of donations from their YouTube subscribers.

In this video we see them doing their nightly rounds to take out the trash and feed the local stray kitties.

When they arrive at the dumpster they can hear tiny meows coming from inside. Somebody had thrown out a shoebox containing newborn kittens into the dumpster.

The garbage truck usually does its rounds at around 5 am, so these tiny kittens were lucky that Stoyan and Dessy came along when they did. The night was cold and they had no idea how long the two kittens had been in the dumpster.

Sadly this kind of thing is not uncommon where they live, especially in kitten season. People abandon newborn kittens in dumpsters, in plastic bags or worse.

This caring couple do what they can to help but many of them don’t survive because they are so young.

So they took the kittens home and put them in a warm place, not far from four other abandoned kittens that they had rescued recently. Once the kittens had warmed up they began the task of feeding them every two hours.

One was a boy and the other was a girl, they thought they were around 10 days old. Soon their eyes will be open and they will need to choose names for the siblings.

I know that this caring couple will do their best to ensure that these kittens will survive.

Watch the video to see what happened:

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