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My Colleague Brought In A Pregnant Stray Cat And We Now Have A Family Of Nine

On her way to work one day, Yvonne came upon a hugely pregnant stray cat on the street.

The cat looked to be friendly, as she sat outside the office building meowing at everyone who passed by and rubbing her face against anyone who paid attention to her.

Even though she was pregnant Yvonne thought the young kitty looked very thin. So decided to take the kitty inside with her, she knew that this would be okay as she worked with a bunch of cat ladies!

She was confident that her coworkers would be happy to take after this young soon-to-be mother and assist her in preparing for the big day.

Because of her round tummy, the ladies at the workplace decided to call her Boba. They put her in one of the vacant conference rooms, where she had a very comfortable bed, a litter box, and enough of food, including dry food, fresh fish, tuna, and milk.

Everything was done to make her stay as happy and secure as possible.

Boba continued to be friendly to everyone around her, she realized that she was in a safe place to have her babies which were due any day now.

A few nights later there was a big storm and when everyone arrived in the office the next day Boba had given birth to eight kittens! No mean feat for such a young kitty.

They’re only a few hours old…

Despite her advanced age, she had four boys and four girls and proved to be an excellent mother. There were five tabbies, two gingers, and one calico, all of them were just stunning.

And there they are, a colony of kittens napping together, completely oblivious to the fact that they are being watched by a group of cat women.

Two weeks had passed when the little kittens began to open their eyes; here is No Ice, the tiniest of the litter and one of the cutest.

And here is Grass Jelly, the most massive of the group!

The two gingers are named Milk Topping and Pudding.

And here’s Oolong, who has such a cute face.

This is Black Sugar – he’s the sassy one!

And here’s Oat, being funny, with the rest of the family collected for a family photo.

Boba has shown to be a lovely and caring mother, and as you might imagine, it’s difficult for the ladies at the workplace to focus on their job when there are so many kittens to distract them!

Everyone agreed that the family should be allowed to stay until they were ready to be adopted. Mother Boba will be spayed, and one or two of her babies will hopefully find a home with her.