Mountain Lion Is Freed From Chains After 20 Years

In recent years, there has been a fast growing awareness of the inhumane practice of keeping animals for entertainment. Specifically, small circuses and roadside attractions have been found to be particularly egregious in their cruel treatment of animals used only as a source of profit.

The animals in these types of shows face a miserable existence in terrible enclosures. They often live in tiny cages or are kept chained up. Animals like elephants, that naturally require socialization, are isolated; they face abuse and at poor care akin to torture. Their life is one of sadness and misery.

In the United States, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus recently made headlines when they announced they would finally end their elephant shows. They faced pressure from many animal welfare groups, and research has shown the detrimental effect the lifestyle has on the animals. Even Sea World is phasing out their killer whale shows.

In Peru, animal circuses and roadside attractions were once quite popular, and the animals faced an even more dismal life compared to the animals in the States. In response, the government outlawed animal circuses. However, they had trouble enforcing the new law and the circuses continued to operate. ADI, or Animal Defenders International, stepped in to ensure that each animal was freed from its terrible life in the circus.

They were able to save Mufasa, a mountain lion who had spent his entire life chained to a truck. When they attempted a rescue, riot police had to assist with the tense situation. Finally, Mufasa was freed and taken to a custom enclosure in the Peruvian forest, close to what his natural habitat would have been. Because of his life in chains, he was not able to be released into the wild.

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