Mom Goes To Buy Parts For Her Son’s Walker, Home Depot Staff Decides To Jump Into Action

Logan Moore is an adorable 2-year-old boy who was born with hypotonia. This muscle disease causes a decrease in muscle tone and affects Logan’s motor skills. He wears braces on his feet to help with mobility.

Logan’s parents realized he would also need a walker, but they learned their health insurance wouldn’t cover it. Mobility walkers can cost upward of $600 and that was just too much for the family to spend.

So the determined parents decided to try to make one themselves — the DIY way, using PVC pipes and their ingenuity.

After doing some online research and watching YouTube videos demonstrating at-home construction, the Moores headed over to their local Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia, to pick up the necessary parts.

They ended up at the service desk to get some more information and ask questions. There, they spoke with the Home Depot manager, Cathy Ennsley. She has a daughter with special needs, so she was especially compassionate and empathetic to the Moore family’s situation. She took a look at the plans for the walker and decided to jump into action.

Cathy had a few of her coworkers meet the Moore family in the plumbing aisle.

After reviewing the construction plans, the employees told the family to go get some ice cream and come back in one hour.

When Logan and his family returned as instructed, they were met with a tear-jerking surprise.

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