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Miracle: After 15 year’s of waiting couples became parents, Welcome Triplets

A couple recognized as Mrs otipkere has shared on social media for announcing of becoming parents. After 15 year of waiting they welcomes triplets. This is miracle for them and they are on cloud nine. They said, it is painful experience waiting to become parents for so long. For 15 year they faced waiting,

name calling and crying. After so many years God heard their prayers and granted 3 beautiful gifts. God does miracles and provide in most unexpected ways. There is nothing impossible for God, when want to give someone something, he simply gives.

A family friend of Mrs Otipkere shared on social media about the good news. He wrote, “Congratulations to Deacon and Deaconess Temple Otikpere for God has blessed them with a set of Triplets after waiting on the Lord for 15 years, God is too faithful to fail.”

There is one more case in which a Lady identified as Ukamaka Onah Ogbu has welcome twins after 13 years of waiting. They shared their testimony on social media. After 13 years of pain, name calling from friends and relatives, the stressful night. But God replied them in most unexpected way by granting their wish.


They shared her testimony on social media, she wrote: “Faithful God! Omemma! The doer of all good things. Thank u Lord for bringing this wait of 13 years to a beautiful end. Welcome to our world, bundles of Joy. Congratulations My darling Onyi and Ejike Chime. May these bundles of Joy bring u unending blessings, Amen.

Indeed, What God cannot do does not exist!!!” These miracles are the inspiration for those who are waiting for something. All the suffering and pain ends when God wishes. We need to be patient and try not to loose hope no matter how darker night is.