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Meet The Golden Pheasant – Commonly Known As The Most Beautiful Bird On The Planet

Sporting a deep orange ‘cape,’ with a vibrant yellow crown and back, dark wings and upper neck, red underparts, this bird is truly something special. So it’s hard to believe these are shy birds, taking into account how loud it is on the outside. They are very hard to find as they run away when detecting the slightest of disturbances.

The golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) or Chinese gold pheasant whose scientific name is Chrysolophus pictus is a neognata galleriforme pheasant species, has two species of the genus Chrysolophus and its origin as the name indicates is in Burma, China and other areas of the great Asian continent. This particular bird in other parts of the world is bred in captivity for the consumption of its meat, but this species of Asian pheasant is in the wild, in the case of China has served as a source of inspiration for many painters who have seen the beauty of this bird reflected in thousands of pictures, is part of the system of Asian symbolism.


They do not present sexual dimorphism so it is very complicated to determine which is the male or female, its color is brown and golden and black and silver determining two species the grandiosity of this beautiful bird, its behavior is coarse, they are very aggressive in their territory and even more in mating season, in addition the male has much sexual vigor so it requires many females to satisfy their reproductive need.

Another of its characteristics is its rounded head, has a crest of delicate and soft feathers very bright yellow gold, we can also notice that has a beak a bit short and somewhat curved, yellow, on his face we can see that has cheeks in the porterios part of his back with a thin layer of gold-colored feathers, as for his wings we have that both his neck, flanks and chest are dark purple, his wings have an opaque green color and very dark. Its legs are brown that are confused with black, has some yellow stripes and finally its tail has gray stripes arranged transversely.


Their habitat comprises mainly places where grasses abound, which can be found in meadows near forests typical vegetation in China, large leafy forests, males are very territorial while in the wild males avoid interfering in the territories of other males and when there is mating season arise numerous fights that sometimes end with deaths, pheasants do not migrate to other areas with changes of season, can withstand both cold and extreme heat.

If you are going on a trip to China, here is the exact location between the southeast of Chingchai, south and west of Kansu, south of Shensi, west of Hupeh, south and west of Hunan, northwest of Yunnan, Kouétchéou, Woutcheou region in the east of Gouangsi. Some zoos have specimens of this species in America, Europe and Africa.


The male is unmistakable, golden crest, bright red body with a deep orange cape. The cape can be spread out for display, appearing like an orange and black fan that covers all of its face except for its eyes. The golden pheasant AKA the Chinese pheasant AKA the rainbow pheasant is native to forests in mountainous areas of western China.

Although some populations of them managed to establish themselves in the west, in places like Florida, USA, United Kingdom and elsewhere. The female of the species is much less of a show-off, sporting a dull mottled brown color similar to a common pheasant. You can find them in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand, as well as many more.


In the forested areas where they reside, these birds like to feed on seed grains, leaves and invertebrates, before setting up camp in trees at night. Even though they can fly, they prefer to run as they are quite clumsy in flight. If startled thy can burst suddenly upwards at great speed with a very distinctive wing sound. The adult male comes in around 40 inches (100 cm) in length, with his enormous tail accounting for two-thirds of it.

Their diet is based on the intake mainly of grains, such as rice, oats, grasses of different types, fruits, ant nymphs and some varieties of insect, this diet is very balanced consumes all of the above by equal amounts and large amounts. It is necessary for their survival due to climate changes during the year.

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