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Meet Maisey the Constantly Embarrassed Cat

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of different cats. You may find cranky cats, cheerful cats, and furious cats on the internet, but have you seen Maisey, the cat that is constantly incredibly embarrassed? This adorable Scottish Fold cat always has a look of humiliation on her face and appears to be in profound remorse over previous actions.

Her beautiful sorrowful eyes became viral on Facebook. With her large, sad-looking eyes and overall lovely demeanor, this Californian child gets millions of hearts on Instagram. Miss Maisey has a sizable social media following as a result of it.

Scroll down and enjoy a few Maisey’s pics and let us know what you believe she’s thinking of.

Meet Maisey, the Adorable Scottish Fold kitten.

So sad, so cute!

Little cheeky wink.

With her owner

She is absolutely adorable.

Maisey appears to recall something from her past. Something negative.

She’s constantly embarrassed.

No one knows why.

But she’s cute as hell!