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Marine Happily Reunites With His Former Military Dog For The First Time In Six Years

Marine David Herrera spent seven months in Afghanistan with an IED Detection dog named Kash NO60. Over the last eight years, Kash saved Herrera’s life along with the lives of other marines and sailors.

Herrera has not seen him since they came back from Afghanistan in May of 2011. Kash is now retired, partially blind, and obviously much older, but Herrera thought it would be a great idea to set up a reunion for him and Kash.

Fellow soldier, Kane Murfin, who is also Kash’s human, agreed to setting up a meeting between Kash and Herrera. Herrera went to Tucson, Arizona, to see Kash, and the reunion was absoluteiy heart-warming. Although it’s been six long years since Kash has seen Herrera, he immediately recognized him and knew exactly who he was when he smelled his scent.


Kash started wagging his tail a mile-a-minute, and hopping around. He was running up and down the sidewalk and into Herrera’s arms. Seeing them together again melts my heart. It’s amazing how Kash still remembers Herrera, even after all these years. It just goes to show how strong of a bond they had while they were together in Afghanistan!

Kash worked so hard to protect our soldiers in the military for so long. Now that he is retired, he gets to enjoy life as a normal pet dog! He deserves to relax and play and have a great life in his remaining years.