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Man Thought He Found A Lamb On The Road Turns Out To Be A Rare Albino Baby Deer

According to Dodo, at first glance the man thought he was looking at a lamb. But as he approached, he realized that the animal was actually a fake covered in pure white fur. The antelope turns out to be an albino, giving him his snow-white features.

While most shades will gradually begin to lose their distinctive white markings as they age, this particular deer will almost always remain white due to albinism.

Surprisingly too, this fawn existed without its mother. The lifespan of a deer is only three weeks, which makes it very vulnerable.

Fortunately, a team of wildlife rehabilitation specialists stepped in to help the phenomenon. Looking at the Spirit name, the antelope is definitely in good hands. As head of the animal shelter, Diane Nicholas said the aim was to nurture the soul so it can survive on its own.

It will take about six months before Spirit is ready to return to the wild. Part of the training process will be teaching the Spirit how to find food in the wild and socialize with other deer. Spirit is lucky to have been found and can now learn to live in its natural environment.