Man sees homeless woman sleeping outside his home and spends $500 to build her a tiny house

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Everyone needs a safe place to stay. A place where they can feel warm, secure, and shelter themselves from the scorching sun or frosty winters. We all need a ceiling that protects us from rain.

But for some people, it is a luxury they can’t afford.

A woman from LA was in a similar situation until a kind man decided to help her.

Elvis Summers had no idea how bad McGee’s condition was until she came knocking on his door.

Irene McGee came to Summers asking him if he had any recyclable cans or bottles. Summers’ first impression was that Irene had something (even a piece of cardboard) to protect her.

But that wasn’t the case. McGee quite literally had nothing.

Elvis Summers was shocked by McGee’s condition. He couldn’t leave her like that; he had to do something.

He was touched by Irene’s condition and how humble she was when she talked to him. Elvis felt the right thing to do was to help her and so he decided to build Irene a home.

Elvis Summer told ABC News:

“I learned she didn’t have anything, not even a cardboard box. She was literally sleeping in the dirt and I just wanted to make her a place where she could feel comfortable and at least get a good night’s sleep”

Elvis Summers was touched by Irene’s condition. In his interview with KNKX, he said:

“It just got to me, you know, I’m just like, you know, everybody in this neighborhood knows you, they like you. Why does nobody give a crap that you’re sleeping in the dirt? Literally.

To help her, Elvis Summers decided to build her a home.

Building Irene her own home was the best thing someone could do for her.

After spending nearly a decade on the streets sleeping on dirt, her life was taking a turn as she finally had her own home.

Elvis Summers and his kindness made him one in a million.

Irene was grateful to Elvis and the kindness he showed.

“I feel marvelous. You can’t even explain how I feel. I’m on my way to a different life. I want to get my own place and all of that. He’s my guardian angel”

Irene wasn’t always homeless. She lost her husband and ever since she couldn’t afford to pay for the house or rent. Thanks to Elvis Summers, she now has her own home. She deserves it!

But the problem wasn’t solved for Elvis. He had no plans to stop there.

Elvis Summers grasped the enormity of the problem.

Irene McGee wasn’t alone, there were many others like her, and Elvis Summers wanted to do something for them too.

Elvis started a GoFundMe campaign and raised over $5000 for people like Irene. By April of 2016, Elvis had built 37 houses.

Elvis didn’t stop there either. He wishes to work with local authorities and build more temporary houses and help further curb the problem of homelessness.

Hear more about the heartwarming story below!

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