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Man Removes Fishing Line Wrapped Around Frantic Shark

As humans, we have all sorts of hobbies and talents. Some people love to write stories or produce beautiful paintings, others enjoy participating in sport or engaging in adrenaline-inducing activities. This fact just proves how diverse the world is and how wonderfully talented people can be.

But in a seemingly harmless hobby, many people enjoy an afternoon of fishing or hunting. Truth is, people have been hunting for food for years and years already and the food chain is a simple fact of life. But when animals severely suffer due to a human’s neglect or purposeful harm, then the fun and game are over and we’re left with a sobering feeling. It’s never nice to see someone—human or animal—in pain.

In the video below, you will bear witness to a shark that has been seriously hurt by the hand of a human. The good news is, a man who happened to witness the ordeal managed to save the shark and release it back to safety.

The man in question was on the beach one afternoon in Florida with his friends, when he happened to see a black-tip shark struggling in the water. He ran furiously towards the shark, while his friend ran after him with a camera, managed to grab the mammal, and pull it onto the shore.

Then, he notices a fishing line wrapped around it, causing it immense pain and discomfort. The man removes the fishing line and slowly takes the shark back into the water, safe and sound.

This is a truly stunning rescue—and luckily it was all caught on video. The man set aside his fear of sharks in order to save its life and it’s a truly beautiful occurrence.

Click on the video below to see it all happen. If you’ve loved this story, be sure to share it with your family and friends.