Man is filmed taking off his T-shirt and wearing a dog that spent cold in the subway

In times of pandemic and harsh winter, seeing people’s solidarity calms our hearts. A video that circulates in the social networks shows a man, in the São Paulo subway, taking off his own shirt to warm up an abandoned dog.

Felipe Paulino, 33-year-old, is the one who appears in the images. The sales promoter was accompanied by his brother and a friend when he found the animal on the ground. “We are from Guarujá (SP) and we were going to 25 de Março street. I saw him from far away, trembling too much, it was a very cold day in the city. I lowered it, made affection, but there was no cloth in my backpack. Then my first reaction was to take off my blouse and give it to him”, he recalls.

The scene took place inside the Jabaquara station and was recorded by his brother, who didn’t seem to believe it when he saw Felipe changing clothes in the ticket office line. The action lasted a few minutes. When he won the gift, the mongrel left the place abandoning his ass and showing off his new clothes.

The video is already over 160,000 views and Felipe says he is surprised with the repercussion. “I didn’t do anything too much, I wanted to help, I couldn’t imagine all these people. I looked for him when I was back shopping and I couldn’t find him. And I was also far from home, I didn’t have much to do. But I’d like to find him again to help in the search for a home,” he laments.

What a great example, Felipe! If everyone donates what they can, be it т¡мe, money, clothes, food, or affection, we will live in a better society.

Does anyone from the Jabaquara region know this animal and can collaborate with clues?

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