Luna, The Giant Lizard, Loves Bath Time, Just Wait Until Those Eyes Close

Today is bath time for Luna, the giant pet lizard. You’ll be blown away by just how big this Rhino iguana is, and just how much the cutie loves taking a bath.

All that it takes to keep Luna, the giant Rhino iguana squeaky clean and ready for the house, is a bath every now and then, and Luna loves it.

Luna is the sweetest iguana around, a gentle but enormous lizard that couldn’t look cuter than in this clip with her rubber duckie.

It’s not just bath time but time for a manicure & pedicure as well.

What starts as a protest, with Luna kicking up against begin taking inside, soon turns to bliss as she gets scrubbed down lightly with a brush.

Cleaning time also means that you get to take an up-close look at Luna, the Rhino iguana.

What a truly magnificent creature with strikingly different features from lizard to lizard, as you’ll soon see if you look closely.

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