Lost dog strolls into police station to report himself missing

While we’re used with dogs to do all sort of unexpected (and why not hilarious) things, this pup had taken internet by storm with his adventure!

Officers at the Odessa Police Department in Texas were taken by surprise when a doggie passed through the front doors. It was early in the morning and everyone thought it might be a dream or something, but it was just as real as breathing. And while all the cops have been left open-mouthed, the friendly pup approached one of the officers in the chilliest way possible.

Sergeant Rusty Martin was the officer who received the calmly doggie. And according to him, the unexpected visitor did not seem in any way distressed about the situation. So for the police officers there was nothing left, but to play with him. “We were all excited to have him in the building,” sergeant Martin told The Dodo. “We had a tennis ball and threw it in the lobby for a bit. Everyone loved on him.”

But, despite his good spirit and friendly nature, no one strolls into a police station for fun, so the officers wanted to find out the pup’s identity. And since he was wearing a collar, they thought it’s going to be an easy mission. But surprise…the ID tag was missing. It’s when they reached the animal control to come for the microchip checking.

Before the animal control to come, the lovely German Shepherd decided enough is enough, so he chickened out.”He ran out just as quick as he came in,” the sergeant wrote in a Facebook post.
The other day, sergeant Rusty Martin was happy to find the canine visitor was fine and healthy and more important reunited with his human dad. Even though, he could not hide his enthusiasm about the unexpected visit and he said the dog, who’s named Chico is welcomed back anytime.

“The owner responded the next day [to say that] it was his dog and he had returned home,” the sergeant wrote. “He lives about a mile from the station. He was given lots of love and attention[at the police station]. We were relieved to learn he safely returned to his owner. Chico is welcome back anytime.”

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