Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Stray Cat

Meet a sweet pair Paul Robertson and his cat Percy who love each other more than anything. Paul is a truck drive and an animal lover who he loves what he does, even it can get lonely on the long road. Therefore, few years ago he decided to adopt a cat named Howie to become his companion on the road. Sadly, Howie left this world in 2017 and Robertson experienced one of the biggest scares of his life.


Day by day, he knew it was time to fill that void in his broken heart, so he went to an animal shelter to find his new companion. He decided to choose the shelter because he wanted to give another stray cat a good home. And at the shelter, he met Percy, a ginger stray cat on the streets.

Due to few fights on streets, Percy had an injury above his right eye and missed one of his canine teeth. Although he had had a difficult past, he was still as sweet as could be. Robertson quickly knew Percy was the right cat for him and he decided to adopt him.


Percy came into Robertson’s life and became his most perfect companion for their long-haul trips. The sweet natured cat loves riding in the truck and watching the world go by. Percy quickly adapted to Paul’s trucking lifestyle. They do everything together, they work as a team and live as a family.


We’re so glad Percy and Robertson found each other! They have now been together for almost two years, the sweet cat has brought so much joy to Robertson’s life.

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Watch Percy the cat in the video below!

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