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Lizzo Claps Back At Criticism For Wearing Thong Leggings On Private Jet

“This comparison was unnecessary. Just say you’re fatphobic and go.”

Lizzo‘s latest bold outfit has ignited a heated debate on social media.

Whether she’s wearing a ballgown or sportswear, Lizzo is a trendsetter. The singer recently launched her own plus-size inclusive shapewear brand, Yitty, in collaboration with Fabletics. The new brand will offer people shapewear in sizes ranging from 6X to XS.

However, Lizzo’s daring fashion choices have always caused a commotion. When the singer dared to attend a basketball game in a cut-out t-shirt dress that revealed her thong in 2019, social media was filled with critiques about whether or not her outfit was appropriate for the setting. The same thing happened again in 2021, when Lizzo rocked a completely sheer dress to Cardi B‘s dancehall-themed birthday party.

On Sunday (Apr 10), Lizzo shared a short clip of herself boarding a jet in a pair of revealing leggings from her new shapewear brand. The all black outfit featured a sparkly v-neck crop top and matching leggings that literally had the whole butt part cut out. Lizzo accessorised with huge frames, black heels and a huge “Yitty” chain.

While Lizzo looked phenomenal, and a lot of people praised her for the outfit, some criticised Lizzo for wearing something so “inappropriate” on a flight. Others brought up that former Ms. Universe Olivia Culpo was recently forced to wear her boyfriend’s clothes on a plane after her outfit – a crop top and cycling shorts – was deemed indecent.





However, Lizzo’s fans quickly came to her defence. Not only is she flying privately, Lizzo can wear whatever she wants! One fan clapped back: “Y’all wanna be fatphobic so bad you’ll ignore the fact that Lizzo was on a private jet and the other girl was flying commercial?”

Another tweeted: “…anyway, can we talk about how great Lizzo’s ass looks here?”



Lizzo hit back at the backlash in the best way too, responding to a mean tweet by promoting her brand.