Little Kid Jumps In Fear When Goat Farts

I love a good surprise. It doesn’t have to be a surprise especially planned for me, it could be for someone else, too. I just like to watch the plan unfold and take in the reactions — they’re always fun! Well, most of the time. I remember being at a surprise party once and when the birthday girl came in, and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!” she was furious. She sat down, looking embarrassed, and refused to talk to her friends who had set the whole thing up. It turned out that she didn’t like surprises. Whoops!

See, there are surprises that are set up, and then there are the ones that just happen. These moments are more that take you back a little. For example, when someone sneezes in the room and totally scares you; or, you pass by something with a lot of speed and energy and it then falls to the ground — surprise, now you have a mess to clean up! The best is when this happens with little children. Their reactions are so worth it!

Surprising little kids off guard is hilarious, especially when it’s impromptu and completely innocent – not in a mean way. I’m not talking about jumping around the corner or out of the closet and legitimately scaring them. I’m referring to life’s little surprises, similar to the one shared below.

Petting zoos are meant for kids to get up close to animals and ask the handler questions. This is the perfect opportunity to get one-on-one time with different kinds of furry friends and to learn to appreciate them.

When Asher’s family took him to the petting zoo, no one knew this would happen. It’s a sunny day, and the little boy is brushing his new friend. Everything is calm and quiet. Mom is happy her son is connecting with the goat he’s befriended, saying, “There you go, Asher!” when a second later, the white goat lets out a fart! A big one! His entire body shakes to let out some gas.

As funny as it is for a goat to have a bit of flatulence, it’s little Asher’s big reaction that is the cherry on top. The little guy had no idea what was coming, and he screams and moves back when he hears the goat make that weird sound.

Click below to watch the whole thing go down. This short but sweet video is SO funny.

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