Little Boy Left everyone in pool of tears after he Packs Bag to Visit His Dad in Heaven

Nowadays Social media playing a very crucial role in humans life. It has both effects bad and good on peoples life. A sweet video of little boy is getting viral this on TikTok which melts the peoples heart. He was packing his bags and going to visit her Dad in heaven.

His Mother Ashley Irwin is content creator on TikTok with user name ‘just your average mom’. They live in Texas and she uses the platform to show her various parts of life, including happiness, grief and mental health. Last month Ashley shared a video and got viral, which garnered 5 million views till now.

In that video, Ashley single mother of three sat while holding young son’s super hero duffle bag in front of her phone. The short clip started with the text,When your son wants to visit heaven.” Ashley said “ Y’all know my son. He’s a hoot,explaining that before bed, her son Wyatt asked her to get his suitcase”.

Ashley got confused and asked her son where he’s going. His said, “I’ve got a big trip tomorrow.” Then Ashley was thinking about the plan, and she asked Wyatt if he is talking about going church tomorrow the Wyatt responded, No, that’s going to have to wait, but He’ll [God] forgive me.

With teary eyed Ashley narrating that her son told her he will go tomorrow to heaven to visit his dad. Her husband passed away in very strange way. He passed away while sleeping in May 2020. He was very young just 35 years old.

She opened the packed bag and saw there is few masks and capes. He packed other important things for the journey to heaven including a whistle, two new baseball gloves, a ball, and ALL the Nerf darts.

But when she take out his shoes that makes her eyes more teary she saw One was holding his dad’s bottle of cologne, while the other was stuffed with his dad’s old wallet.

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