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Lion Kills Mom Baboon, But Then Protects Baby Until It Was Safe To Escape

Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth are using their writing and photography skills to bring awareness to save big cats from extinction. Last year they made a trip to Africa and encountered a group of baboons running through the brush. Suddenly they saw four lionesses chasing the baboons into the trees. One baboon, however, was not so lucky and was caught by a lioness. This powerful predator was in for an amazing surprise.

As it turns out the baboon was a mother with her baby still clinging to her body.

The lioness watched with curiosity as the infant baboon tried to climb a tree away from danger.


The baby baboon was too tired and weak to get away and was forced to stare death in the face.

The lioness reached out with her deadly paw and started to gently play with the baboon.


The lioness then took the baby and placed it between her paws as she rested.

The baby seemed comforted and started to cuddle and even suckle the lioness.


All of a sudden the lioness spotted danger and was put on high alert.

Two male lions approached and what seemed like an effort to protect the baby, the lioness charged them aggressively.


Amidst the chaos a young male acted quickly and rushed down a tree to grab the baby and bring him back to safety.

The pair escaped safely to the trees with the baby back in the arms of his family.


Although the lioness killed the mother baboon for food, she shocked everyone when she gently nurtured and protected the baby baboon. The lioness showed pure maternal instinct and broke down a barrier between two opposing species. Maybe the lioness just couldn’t bring herself to kill the infant. It’s great to see that the baby is back with its family safe and sound for now.