Left behind by mom because of his twisted legs, in desperate need, a tiny kitten cries for help with a voice that belied his size!

In desperate need of help, the tiny kitten cried for help with a voice that belied his size. In fact, it was more of a roar than a cry, and when the property owners heard it became to the rescue, only to find he had twisted front legs.

That being the case they reached out to Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue (SAAR, in Manitoba, Canada) for assistance.

“He was about five weeks old at the time but looked smaller, and he was so precious and tiny,” said Raelle, SAAR Medical Director.

Raelle took the kitten and without hesitation and began around-the-clock care. Knowing how much love and attention he will need after being abandoned, she even took the step of making a pouch to carry him around. She lined the pocket with fleece to make sure he was as comfortable as possible.

“I carried him around with me as much as possible to keep him warm and help him feel safe.”

Raelle’s son named the kitten Professor X after a character from the X-Men movie series.

“He has a partial paw pad and one toe on the outer aspect of what would be his elbows. The toes on his front feet also are a bit odd but there’s no impact on his health,” Raelle shared.

“Our veterinarian agreed with our team that this special little guy deserves a chance at a full and happy life, and he’s currently being spoiled with love in his foster home.”

Due to some developmental delays, and possibly some congenital problems, Roar’s progress to adulthood may have some setbacks.

Thankfully, rescuers went back to the property and were able to trap Roar’s mom, and brother and sister, Rogue and Gambit. Mom was quickly spayed and given her shots.

“The kittens were very happy to be reunited. They were a bit hissy and scared initially, as none of the kittens were used to being indoors or being handled a lot,” Raelle added.

“But soon they all relaxed and are now very well socialized.”

Professor X has no idea he was different from his siblings. Though he tires more quickly, he is fully recharged and ready for action after a quick nap.

“He can run, play and jump just like his siblings, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to go up and down stairs yet. He also can’t climb up window screens or curtains.”

One of X’s best buddies was a foster cat named Bentley who had quickly taken the new arrival under his paws.

“Bentley can be a tough cookie, but he’s clearly got a very sweet soft side too.”

“He kept hugging Professor X and grooming him, just like a mama cat does.”

While X got in one last cuddle with Bentley before the older cat went to his forever home, plans were made for the kitten to receive some therapy to see if his legs can be straightened out.

“Even if they can’t, we know he’s going to be just fine as a pampered indoor cat,” Raelle said.

“He is a very sweet, gentle boy who loves to cuddle and will cry out if he needs a hug or wants to be lifted up onto the couch.”

“He’s absolutely adorable and I’m so thankful he was rescued.”

Keep up with all the news on Professor X and his siblings at SAAR right here on Facebook and also here on Instagram.

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