Lamb Prances Around The House In A Game Of Hide And Seek

While growing up, did you ever play a friendly game of hide and seek? It’s a simple activity enjoyed by many people, worldwide. But had you ever thought that a lamb would be just as keen as a human to play the game? Me neither…until I saw this hilarious video that literally had me laughing out loud. Warning: this clip may make you want to go out and adopt a little lamb, just saying!

In the clip below, a lady who we can assume is the lamb’s owner, persists to call out for her dear pet. Then, hilariously, the animal sprints like lightning across the hall from one room to the next. Of course, she doesn’t want her human to find her.

Sneakily, her owner shouts out again for the little lamb, who then does another quick flash from one room to the next in a gleeful fashion. After this happens a few times, he gives up on the little game of hide and seek, spots his human friend, and runs happily towards her. It’s possibly one of the cutest moments ever recorded!

The video is well on its way to two million views on YouTube, with a few comments referring to the lamb’s owner as Little Bo Beep, and others admitting that the video made them want a little lamb! One user wrote, “I wasn’t having the best of days, and then I saw this, and it made my day,” awww, how lovely!

Give the short video a watch, and if you’re a fan of this adorable clip, or perhaps have a soft spot fo the cheeky little animal, be sure to like and share this post with your family and friends.

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