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Kitty Gets a Second Chance from Woman After Enduring a Downpour

A small kitten of just a day in age was found a month ago by a kind woman as he crawled helplessly in search of his mother. The kitten had endured a violent downpour and was left to fend for himself until the woman scooped him up off of the footpath and gave him a home.

“He wasn’t meowing when I found him but he was crawling slowly along on his tummy as though he was trying to find his mother. Poor little mite,” said Kathryn Van Beek, the woman who found him.

So young his umbilical cord was still attached, the kitten would not survive on its own. He was brought home and given the name Bruce; just like famous orphan Bruce Wayne (Batman). At three days, he was purring and caring for him was a full time job. Kathryn made do by bringing him with her to work.

Now he is doing well and is still with his loving adoptive family.




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