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Kittens Come Out of Bushes Together, Climb on Rescuer and Ready to Leave with Them

Two kittens came out of the bushes and climbed the legs of a rescuer, as they were ready to leave the busy road.

Last month, Good Samaritans spotted a pair of kittens hiding in the bushes by a busy road. They went up to investigate and discovered one orange kitten and a calico huddled together.

“I found them in the grass and bushes next to the road. There was food that someone had left there, but the kittens were too young to eat it,” the rescuers shared with Love Meow via Instagram @kittens_november.

The kittens were just a few weeks old and in desperate need of rescue.


When they approached the kittens, the little ones came out of the bushes and walked towards their feet. The calico immediately tried to climb their legs, as if she was ready to go with them.

They waited around for the cat mother to return, but there was no sign of her.

“The weather was so cold and I couldn’t leave the kittens outside to fend for themselves.”

The calico jumped up and hugged her rescuer’s leg with all her might while her brother stood nearby. The Good Samaritans scooped them up and brought them to safety.


They took the kittens into their home, cleaned them up and fed them kitten formula. They were so hungry that they scarfed down the food within minutes.

The feline siblings went to sleep with full bellies that day, in a comfy, warm bed. They got a lot of rest, making up for lost sleep.