Karen Teacher Gets Put In Place By Student For Berating Their Caretaker

The opinions of kids are most of the time considered to be irrelevant and it is expected of them to always be well behaved even if the teacher is being a complete jerk. Kids sure are the future of a nation, but they are humans too. They feel disrespected and get annoyed as well. Even though misbehaving is not an option under any circumstances for a person of any age, sometimes it is just hard to keep everything together. So, people just explode out of nowhere. Especially, in situations where the other person is not willing to calm down and listen for a second.

As a teacher one is supposed to be a role model and a mentor. Someone the students can look up to and follow in the footsteps of. Unfortunately, some teachers take advantage of their position and act as rudely and inhumanly as possible. This not only makes them the most hated teacher at school, but also makes other colleagues and parents feel disgusted in their presence. However, a lot of people choose to remain silent about the matter, as the actions are already speaking for themselves. Kids don’t say anything against such teachers because they definitely don’t want to fail a class at school and get detention, or worse, get expelled. We came across a rather interesting Reddit post about a student who put her Karen teacher in place for berating her caretaker. Scroll down to read what happened.

A brief introduction.



The key to working with younger people, especially with teens, is to appear as friendly and approachable as possible.


Ah! Kids. They are more drawn to people with a friendly appearance and those who don’t come off as controlling. It’s human nature. We are naturally drawn to people who appear to be happy and friendly. Our brain naturally presumes that such individuals are approachable and one can open up to them with ease. On the contrary, if someone is more formal and official with not so smiling face, their personalities appear to be more intimidating and hard to reach out to. One would find it difficult to talk to such people and open up to them about themselves. Especially, kids and teens. In order to deal with them, you have to be more friendly and open. So that they can easily trust you.

The youth worker is warmly welcomed by a Karen at the school.

Dumb Karen ignores all the aging signs.


Whoa! That kid’s got some nerve.


Probably because the whole school admits—staff included—that she is a Karen that won’t leave.


The end.


Sometimes when things get out of hands and the adults can’t control them, it’s up to the kids to jump in and save the day. That’s exactly what this little girl did. Although the language she chose was rather inappropriate, but what she did was absolutely endearing. Karens need to learn to take a deep breath and listen to others rather than blasting their irrelevant opinions into other people’s face. What do you guys think about this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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