Jealous Dog Tries To Steal Attention From Crawling Baby

Mom and baby Charlie were having a normal day learning to crawl. It started off as any learning-to-crawl moment would – words of encouragement, little grunts, giggles, and smiles. Charlie is en route to making it. She is backed up against the wall, her body weight evenly distributed as she gets geared to make a move on her own!

Mom is encouraging her, “Come on Charlie!” but what happens next isn’t what mom expected! Instead, she got a visit from someone who was feeling left out and wanted some love.

Katniss, the family dachshund, is feeling a little left out of the picture. All the attention is on the baby, prompting Katniss to feel uncomfortable with the attention not on her. So, to remind mom that she still exists, the pup jumps into the field view of the camera and gets in real close to say hi.

Mom starts laughing immediately. She can sense the jealousy, especially since the dog was around long before the baby. Katniss probably feels like she’s been replaced and misses the amount of love, attention, and cuddles she’s used to receiving. Mom is in stitches, asking “What, no one’s paying attention to you?” The dog funnily turns her head ever, as if to say, “No! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

Click below to see this goofy dog totally get in the way of Charlie’s milestone moment.

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