In Budweiser’s Cutest Video Yet A Little Foal Believes He’s Big Enough To Work With His Father.

Budweiser’s Clydesdales are, as we’ve come to expect, quite cute. This ad, however, with the famous horses as the primary protagonists, is much more touching. What is the explanation behind this? Well, it’s a nice little filly that wants to provide a helping hand.

Despite the fact that he is over a year old, the little one believes he is ready to join the rest of the Clydesdales in pulling the Budweiser wagon. Nonetheless, the foal appears to have some reservations about his strength and ability to complete the task, but he refuses to quit up (a lesson we should all learn).

The persistent little man finds the wagon and gets into his harness after wandering off on his own. It’s far too large for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind and struggles to move the giant red cart. He’s plainly not going anywhere, but he’s not about to quit up.

Fortunately, his diligence attracts the attention of the older horses. They give him a little shove out the door when they see what’s going on. Finally, with a little assistance, the determined colt pulls the wagon, and his confidence soars.

This ad offers a significant message in a cute way: no matter what, you should never give up trying. When everyone has come to a halt, keep moving. The odds will ultimately work in your favor, and you will undoubtedly achieve your objective. Even though it’s old, this commercial is still one of Budweiser’s greatest! Take a look at this:

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