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Iguana Adorably Races Towards Owner Similar To A Dog As He Calls Out “Come Here, Buddy!”

One of the best things about having pets is that they usually greet their owners when they get home after a long day at work. It’s their way of showing how much they’ve missed their human mom or dad. All pet owners know the anticipation and glee just before they open their main door; seeing your pet come dashing over to you is one of the most sublime feelings in the world. This is especially true for dog owners, who also have to calm their pets down because they are so excited to finally have their human back home.

Cats aren’t always as excited, but they show their love in different ways that are no less sweet. For a long time, most people thought about cats or dogs as the only pets that people might own, but in recent years there has been a sharp spike in bringing home unique pets, such as snakes, sugar gliders and iguanas. However, these pets may not have the same dispositions, and they might not greet you when you come home.

Dave Durham can tell you differently, however. His pet, Buddy, is a giant Cayman Brac iguana who has some qualities of a dog: he greets Durham by running up to him in excitement like a dog would! Reptiles are known for their unique temperaments and generally, their lack of activity interspersed with bursts of activity. However, since reptiles are a relatively new type of pet, we continue to learn and be surprised by them, just like Durham was when he realized Buddy could run up to him!

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In the video below, viewers can hear Durham call out to Buddy, who is lounging in the sun in the backyard. “Aren’t you gonna come and see me?” Durham asks as Buddy initially does not match the enthusiasm that his human has. This leaves the viewers wondering if Buddy will actually come and greet Durham, but soon enough, Buddy makes a couple of small moves.

Taking the opportunity, Durham voices his own excitement and encourages Buddy the iguana to come and greet him. “Come on Buddy!” Durham says in a high-pitched voice that is reminiscent of the intonation that is used to get dogs excited for a treat or a walk. As Durham repeats his command, it seems to work! Buddy crawls toward his human slowly at first, but within seconds increases his pace and essentially runs towards Durham with a burst of energy.

The most adorable aspect of this video is Buddy’s open mouth as he runs forward; it gives Buddy a look of excitement and happiness that cannot be feigned. Durham’s happiness knows no bounds when Buddy is right beside him and he pets Buddy vigorously. It is clear that both Buddy and Durham have fostered a loving and trusting relationship with one another.

Lizards 101 reports that iguanas have unique and interesting personalities. Each one has its own temperament and disposition, much like cats and dogs! Though it may be challenging to get to know the iguanas at first, the process is certainly worth it when they begin to trust and love their human.


Buddy is a giant Cayman Brac iguana, reports Honest to Paws. Iguanas are one of the most common types of lizard pets currently, but they may not be for everyone as they have very different requirements for care and handling. To tame an iguana, the owner will need to spend a lot of time bonding with their pet, and the process can even take years for the iguana to trust its human. Moreover, not all iguanas become affectionate. However, with persistent care and effort, iguanas can and do become great pets to keep around.

Lizards 101 writes, “Most reptiles don’t recognize their owners, but iguanas are smarter. Iguanas actually do recognize their owners and even their voice.” In Buddy’s case, it is clear that he has come to recognize Durham and is affectionate towards his human. Amazingly, iguanas can actually be potty trained like cats! The great thing about this is that iguanas are also bound by routine, so they tend to eat and go to the bathroom at the same time every day. This makes taking care of the pet and tending to its needs much easier. Iguanas also come in incredible color varieties, such as blue, red, blizzard and albino, which give them an almost magical, beautiful look.

Like almost all other pets, as long as the owner gives the iguana love, care and the space to be as they are, iguanas can make incredible pets for a long time. Durham’s video shows viewers that iguanas are not just reptiles that lounge in the sun; they have the capacity to become your best friend and show fondness for their human owners.

What do you think about the way Buddy greets his owner? Have you ever seen a reptile act this way? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to tell anyone with an unusual pet about this sweet story.

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