How To Remove Waste From Your Colon Quickly And Safely – Recipe

The most obvious responsibilities and functions are done by your colon, but it is playing a huge role in your overall health, and it is responsible for the health of your body. It is the one responsible for the elimination of the waste material from your body, also it is the one that is getting rid of the pesticides, toxins and many other chemicals that are harmful for our health. It is very important for our body, because through it our body can detox, therefore it is not an organ which you want to neglect.

If your colon is not in the proper health condition it will not function properly, therefore it will not eliminate the toxins and waste materials, which means it will keep them inside, and if it keeps them long enough, the walls of the colon will absorb them, and through the walls they will be released into your bloodstream.

Now you understand how important the health condition of your colon is!

Let us calculate the amount of refined sugar, processed foods, chemicals and additives our body is exposed to every day. These things are very harmful and cause a lot of damage to your colon, they cause a lot of stack ups of toxins inside your colon. You might be susceptible to the harmful bacteria if you are not regular!

Feeling Tired, Bloated, and Gassy?
Our environment is filled with toxins, which means we are constantly fighting against them, also there are toxins even in our foods and drinks, that we put inside our body. Therefore it is quite helpful to give our digestive system and liver a small break and support their functions, reset them and then get them functioning just as they do regularly.

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

Irregular bowel movements
Frequent loose stools
If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms, than you might want to continue reading and take this detoxification method which provides amazing effects.

Through this detoxification program, you will be able to reset the digestive system and your liver, that way you will give them a little break that will mean a lot, which will give them the ability to function properly after the detoxification method. If there are any sensitivities to foods or some food intolerances, then remove those foods from the diet and introduce them to your organism after 30 days, one by one, and see how your digestive system will respond.

Take a look at this simple detoxification drink recipe, it has provided many positive effects!

3 Juice Colon Cleanse

1/2 cup of purified, warm water
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
A teaspoon of ginger juice
2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup of organic apple juice

Put the water on heat, warm it but don’t boil it, then when it is warm enough and pleasant to drink remove it from heat.
Add the sea salt inside the water and stir well, for the salt to dissolve.
Add the fresh lemon juice, ginger juice, apple juice and stir well.
You should drink this natural drink on an empty stomach early in the morning. Also you will drink it before every meal, before your lunch, and before your dinner!
Additional Colon Support:

Don’t forget the most basic things, if you are on a well balanced diet, and it is rich with foods that are high in fiber, and you stay hydrated all the time, then you will support the health of your colon and its functions!


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