Horse sees that owner is crying and tries to comfort her

It’s definitely not uncommon for our pets to know and sense when we are feeling down, scared or sad.

As soon as a pooch notices that something isn’t right, chances are they’ll run towards you and try and console you or figure out what’s going on. These are always heart-melting moments that every pet owner cherishes, but it turns out that not only pets can react to their sad owners in the sweetest way imaginable.


With the camera setup, the young lady sits on the floor and starts to pretend to cry.


With the camera setup, the young lady sits on the floor and starts to pretend to cry.

At the time, the horse was simply minding its own business, having a drink, and eating some food all by itself.

That all stops the moment the horse hears the owner sobbing.

Instead, the majestic animal comes closer to the lady to investigate the weird noise.


What happens next can only be described as funny and sweet.

The horse turns around again and sees a little bit of hay on the ground. After grabbing the hay, the four-footer then walks towards her owner again and drops the hay in front of her eyes. The horse must’ve thought that this thoughtful present would make her feel better!


And it didn’t stop there, because this horse wanted to make sure that everything was alright.

Then, the four-footer tries to boop his nose with the young woman’s face, as if he’s trying to give a kiss and let her forget about the sadness.


It’s evidently clear: this horse is trying his best to console his owner.

And the way he does it is just so sweet.

The owner of the horse, Kennedi Buster, decided to upload the footage to the internet where it was quickly shared and seen by many. In fact, one video has even amassed over nine million views on YouTube!


“She put her full attention on you. She did everything she could in her second of thought. So sweet,” one person commented.

“This is proof that there are animals who actually cares about humans, we share the same planet as them.”

“‘Hay makes me feel better. Therefore, it’ll make her feel better.’ Horse Logic,” another person joked.

Even though things like these may seem uncommon, scientific studies have shown that horses are quite good at understanding basic human emotions.

For example, they know the difference between their owner being angry or happy, and they also know that humans’ behavior can change depending on their emotions. In any case, this video is living proof that the emotional intelligence of a horse is actually quite remarkable.

What an absolutely selfless, sweet, and most of all thoughtful horse!

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