Honest man pulls a woman aside to show her rare find at garage sale

You might be able to find something valuable at a garage sale.

But what about something historic?

However, in one video, you’ll see something truly remarkable that was lying on the ground. It’s strewn amongst some sports equipment in the driveway.

This incredible story will captivate sports fans and anyone interested in a piece of American history.

This piece of memorabilia is on the cutting edge of our current national conflict.

Bruce Scapecchi was out doing what he does every Saturday morning. He’s driving around to garage sales in search of a unique find.

Bruce claims to attend over five thousand garage sales each summer, making him a garage sale veteran and expert.

He parked his car and walked up a suburban driveway on a mundane street. The small garage sale appeared to be ordinary at first, but then he noticed something extraordinary.

Under a ping pong table, there was a piece of wood on the ground.

If you weren’t looking for anything spectacular, it was rather unremarkable. It was thrown down there with a couple of aluminum baseball bats. Bruce had an eye for interesting finds, although it appeared to be nothing.

When he asked the owner how much it was, Sue McEntee told him it was one dollar. Bruce inquired on whether she was aware of what this was.

She told him it was an old baseball bat, not knowing why he was asking such a simple question.

Nothing special and he could get it for a buck.

Bruce wasn’t certain about this baseball bat. Still, he recognized it as having a distinct grip that could belong to a specific and historic player.

He pulled Sue aside and told her she might be on to something. Asking if she had a pencil?

Sue went inside and pulled out a pencil, her curiosity piqued. Bruce rubbed the graphite from the pencil across a specific part of the bat.

He’s highlighting something that demonstrated this was no ordinary piece of maple.

The graphite highlighted something — an engraving was carved into the wood. The engraving had worn down over time, but it was clear who owned this bat.

Sue’s mind brought back memories as the name was revealed.

She remembered her Uncle Joe Hatten, a real-life major leaguer.

That would be overly simplistic if the bat belonged to her uncle.

No, the story is much more complicated than that.

The name engraved on the bat belonged to someone her uncle Joe had played with for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Baseball had a historic year, but American civilization as a whole had an even more historic year.

The bat belonged to the one and only Jackie Robinson and his name was right there.

Jackie Robinson is an American professional baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era.

Jackie put on a Dodgers uniform and took the field at First Base in 1947 amidst the boos, racial slurs, and cheers. Whether anyone liked it or not, the world changed for the better that day.

He had to stand firm as an example of grace and resolve.

Jackie had to deal with squabbles from both his teammates and the opposing teams.


Consider who in your circle would be interested in hearing about this amazing and magical find at a neighborhood garage sale.

You never know what you’ll come across. It could be a game-changing piece of memorabilia.

Something to remind us of where we came from as a nation and where we need to change to make the world a better place.

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