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Homeless Man Celebrates His Dogs Birthday, Caught In Adorable Video

Choco went all out to celebrate his dog’s birthday, fit with cake and party hats. 🥳

A sweet video of a homeless man from Colombia who celebrated his dog’s birthday has melted the hearts of social media users everywhere.
The clip shows Choco José Luis Matos cuddling his dogs, and he then pulls out a cake and sings Happy Birthday to his pooch before feeding the cake to his other furry friends.


A journalist called Rótelo caught the moment on camera and shared it on Instagram.
He wrote in the caption that Choco is known for caring for the dogs as his own.

Watch the video:

Many social media users have sent Choco gifts after seeing the sweet video and the kind acts he has done for the dogs.

Choco recently went live on Instagram and revealed that the birthday party was to celebrate one of his dog’s birthdays.

He also told viewers that he has dreams to pursue a music career and open an animal shelter.